Safely Enjoy Your Fireplace With Beautiful Heatilator Fireplace Doors

Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your Heatilator fireplace? Our Heatilator glass fireplace doors are the perfect solution! They are a beautiful and functional finishing touch for your Heatilator fireplace, and can be installed in 15 minutes or less (no professional installation needed).

These high quality bifold doors not only look great, but they also lock in warmth and protect children and pets from getting too close to the flames.

  • Save on energy bills - these glass doors help to keep heat in and cold air out, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient
  • Reduce risk of fire - you'll enjoy peace of mind with an extra layer of safety by preventing sparks and embers from escaping into your living space
  • Increase safety of loved ones - helps keep young children or pets from getting too close to a hot grate and open flame
  • Easier to clean and maintain - keeps pests, debris, and dirt out of the fireplace when not in use

Now you can enjoy all the warmth and beauty of a real fire with the added comfort of knowing it's safely enclosed by sleek and elegant glass doors.

IMPORTANT: Many websites claim to sell Heatilator fireplace doors, but most of the time they are NOT real, authentic Heatilator-brand glass doors. Why does this matter? Well, they sell aftermarket or prefab doors that may FIT Heatilator-brand fireplaces, but they'll never fit (or look) as good as the real thing!

We only sell original factory Heatilator doors, made from their parent company, Hearth & Home Technologies. We have sold thousands of doors to thousands of satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Door Options for Multiple Gas and Wood Burning Heatilator Fireplace Models Available

We have a variety of options available to fit multiple fireplace models. The DM1036 glass doors fit several 36" fireplace models, including the the popular E36 and EC36 models. And the DM1042 fireplace doors fit several 42" fireplace models, such as E42 and EC42.

To view all the glass door options available for your Heatilator fireplace, please select your fireplace model on the left hand side on the catalog page. Click here to browse all products now.

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Video: How to Find Your Heatilator Fireplace Model Number

The model and serial number of your fireplace can be found on the rating plate, which is typically located either inside the operating door or in the lower controls cavity.  You might need to use a flashlight to find the numbers.

In wood-burning fireplaces, the rating plate is usually found on the upper left or right side of the firebox, or riveted on the smoke shield behind the screen. In gas burning fireplaces and inserts, the rating plate is typically found in the lower cavity controls area. 

The date code is usually a 4 digit number e.g. 4592. In this example, the fireplace was made in 1992. The date code is important to find, because several older model Heatilator fireplaces require an adapter kit for the replacement doors to fit properly.

Why Buy Your Replacement Heatilator Fireplace Door From Us?

Great question! Here are several reasons to trust us with your business:

  • We provide real Heatilator-brand glass fireplace doors - other websites will sell you aftermarket doors NOT made by Heatilator! Note: Hearth & Home is the parent company of Heatilator, so you may see their name on the box or installation manual.
  • We offer competitive prices on a wide selection of doors that fit most popular Heatilator fireplace models
  • We offer FREE SHIPPING to the 48 contiguous states (and Washington DC) 
  • We ship FAST - often in 1-2 business days, using insured UPS Ground 
  • We've been selling fireplace doors for Heatilator fireplaces for over 20 years, online and locally in the Chicagoland area
  • Installing the doors is easy, but we offer great customer service and support if you need it
  • If your doors are damaged in transit, or arrive damaged from the factory, we offer hassle-free returns and replacements
  • And a "Mom and Pop" shop, you're supporting a small business :)

Enjoy Saving Money Each Month On Your Energy Costs!

When you install glass doors on your fireplace, you will help prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. The glass doors will also help prevent cold drafts from entering the room through the chimney.

This reduces heat loss, and will keep the room warm and maintain a more consistent indoor temperature. Which means your heating needs will be reduced, and you'll save money on your energy bill each month!

Should You Keep Fireplace Doors Closed Or Open?

The answer is: it depends on the situation. First, your fireplace doors should be either fully open or fully closed. You don't want them just half open ever.

When starting a fire, the glass doors should be fully open and remain open while the fire is burning strongly. As the fire dies down, you may want to close the doors to prevent the warm room air from escaping up the fireplace chimney.

If you have gas logs in a wood-burning fireplace, you should keep the doors fully open while the logs are burning. 

It's recommended to keep a mesh screen closed when using the fireplace to prevent sparks from popping out into the room (this will also help keep the doors a little cleaner!)

You can read more FAQs here